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CCTV footage not a part charge-sheet questions Tejpal

Former Tehelka editor Tarun Tejpal issued his first statement from inside Vasco jail, accusing the police of having filed a “highly spurious” charge-sheet, from which “the most crucial piece of evidence, the CCTV footage of the incident”, was missing.

Goa Police on Monday charged Tejpal with raping a former junior colleague inside a hotel lift in November 2013. Tejpal has already spent 80 days in custody.

In the statement — sent through Tejpal’s daughter Tiya after Tejpal, his lawyers and his family went through the contents of the charge-sheet — Tejpal has claimed that police officers had admitted to him that they had no case; however, the investigating officer was pursuing a “political” agenda.

“I have been in jail since November 30th simply because the Goa Police,  clearly acting under the orders of their political bosses, have refused to release this crucial footage of the relevant days, 7th and 8th November. This entire case hinges on the 130 and 45 seconds (as per the chargesheet) of contested time which can be brought to light via the CCTV footage,” Tejpal said.

“The Goa Police know their fabricated case will collapse the moment the footage is revealed and compared with the ‘testimony’ of the alleged victim, on the basis of which the Goa Police filed its FIR under draconian provisions.

“As it were, I viewed the relevant footage of both days whilst being ‘held’ in police custody and the footage clearly validates me. The fact is most of the officers in the Crime Branch know there is no case, and have said as much to me. Even so the IO has been pursuing an agenda spelt out for her by her political masters, totally violating the principle of police neutrality.”

Tejpal has consistently asked police to release the CCTV footage — even before the police officially announced on November 23 that there were no cameras inside the hotel lift. During bail hearings in the lower court, his lawyers repeatedly asked the court to allow them to look at all the footage.

Recalling his demands for the footage to be released, Tejpal said in the statement, “In my first and only press note of November 22nd 2013 I had urged ‘the police to obtain, examine and release the CCTV footage so that the accurate version of events stands clearly revealed’. I said this at a time, from Delhi, when I had neither accessed nor seen the footage. But since I was the man on the spot I knew the truth of what had happened.”

Tejpal said police had violated “due process” by not making “all collected evidence available to the accused at the time of filing.

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