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CCTVs For RTO Offices

All the Road Transport Department offices in Goa will have Closed Circuit Televisions installed within a fortnight, announced director Arun Dessai.
The CCTVs will not only keep a watch on the department officials but also the public that visit these offices and this will curb corruption and malpractices, opined Arun Dessai.
Officials of the Department have been accused of demanding bribes for even routine matters and bus operators have been often complaining about this aspect. In fact, Goa Chronicle. Com had even posted the rates demanded by the officials for all matters.

The Department will also install CCTVs at all border check posts so that a record is maintained of every vehicle that enters or leaves the State and this will be connected to the head office
Besides, all the border check posts will be directly connected to the head office via broadband so that a closer monitoring of the revenue at these posts is maintained. There have been several complaints of leakages of revenue at the border check posts and this connectivity to the head office is aimed at addressing it.

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