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Cease Fire Agreement

On 25th of February armed forces of India and Pakistan announced a ceasefire agreement along LOC. The Directors General of Military operations of India and Pakistan stated in a joint statement saying they have held discussions regarding initiating a contact mechanism and agreed to a ceasefire along LOC from 25th of February. Similar kind of agreement was signed between India and Pakistan 17 years back which was held till Uri attack 2016. Since 2018 the situation along LOC became exceptionally violent, causing violation of ceasefire agreement. The latest ceasefire agreement between two militaries come when Pakistan is going through tough time both domestically and internationally. This time Pakistan government and security establishment accepted the agreement with huge fanfare, but India is taking this ceasefire with caution. Not just Pakistan but pro-Pakistan supporters sitting in India are very hopeful and excited about the agreement hoping that this would leads to normalisation of diplomatic relationships.

Moeed Yusuf, special assistant to PM of Pakistan on national security revealed how Pakistan had to put all its efforts for many years to make India convince on ceasefire agreement along LOC. According to him this agreement is a big victory for Pakistan as India did not initially agreed to agreement. He also claimed that “We want peace, and we want that there should be a ceasefire along the LOC”.

If we consider this all scenario it is evident that Pakistan seeks easement with India. It became extremely costly for Pakistan to wage a war against India continuously. The internal dynamic of Pakistan has loaded to increasing international pressure to Pakistan government to take strict actions against terror foundation it nurtured since long time. There are numerous factors behind Pakistan to involve in talks with India. Facing the heat internationally, Pakistan has been forced to take appropriate decisions with India to achieve a short-term peace but still several POK and Kashmir based terror groups have become pillars of Pakistan’s India policy and have used these terror groups to wound India with numerous cuts.

The latest ceasefire agreement offered by Pakistan does not bound India from acting on terror groups used by Pakistan to attack India. The Indian security establishment is now cautiously watching how Pakistan would stand firmly on terms of the agreement. So, it is not surprising that neither Indian security establishment nor strategic intellectuals have shown any excitement shown by Pakistan and its supporters. We must sew whether Pakistan uphold its words of peace along LOC or again get involved in its tricks of using its terror policy in India. However, India is totally prepared to face Pakistan challenge this time with more power and enthusiasm under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, if Pakistan violates the terms of the agreement.

Divya Kumari

Intern, Goa Chronicle

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