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CEC submitted a ‘Bogus Report’ to SC


Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar lashed out at the Supreme Court’s (SC) central empowered committee (CEC) “for not providing correct information” to the Supreme Court in its report.

Stating that the people are referring to the CEC as ‘Claude empowered committee’, he alleged that the “CEC has submitted a bogus report to the Supreme Court”.

Parrikar questioned why the CEC had not mentioned that the state government had taken steps to ban ore transportations in the state. He also said that the government would dredge rivers and the Salaulim dam to remove the ore settled in the silt.

Interestingly though Parrikar’s ban on mining operations did not ban transportation of iron-ore; in fact along with already mined ore, it also permitted the transportation of iron-ore.


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