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CEC to recommend Two-Year Ban on Mining in Goa

Further denting the prospects of the mining sector in Goa, the Central Empowered Committee (CEC) appointed by the Supreme Court is to recommend a total ban on mining in the state for a period of two years. The CEC report is to be submitted on November 28th and subsequently the Supreme Court hearing is expected to be held on November 30th.

Sources in CEC have told that the recommendation has come in light of the investigations conducted by CEC wherein the findings of the Shah Commission report have been probed and found to be true and rampant illegal mining was happening in the state causing environmental damage as well as loss of revenue to the state and Central government.

It has also been learnt that restricted and regulated might be allowed to commence post the completion of the two-year ban with a case-to-case report on each mining operations and its adherence to the restricted regulations.

Shah Commission report led to the state government ordering a ban on mining. Subsequently, the Centre suspended all environmental clearance to mining leases. Later the NGO Goa Foundation approached the Supreme Court asking for a ban on mining and transportation of iron-ore in the state


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