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Centre questions State’s stand on removal of Mining Dumps

The state plans to allow handling of mining dumps in its draft mining policy has not found favor at the Centre, with the Union Ministry of Mines directing the Goa government to not finalise policy without first consulting it.

Mandating environmental clearance, the ministry has also stressed that the sale of the dumps’ contents should be charged royalty. To under-take the latter it has emphasized the need for exact quantification of grade and quantity of ore as well as geo-referencing of the dumps in respect to the mine owners of the dumps before any exercise is commenced to allow dump removal.

Anil Subramaniam, under secretary, Union Ministry of Mines, in a letter to RK Verma, principal secretary, mines, Government of Goa, has stated, “I am directed to state that in order to ensure that the measures are properly structured in the draft dump removal policy of the state, it is requested that the draft policy may be consulted with the Union Ministry of Mines before any action is taken to notify the same.”

But in what is going to surely be another state and Centre show down, the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar wants a strongly-worded reply sent to the Union Ministry, focusing on the fact that a state government is within its ambit in framing its own policy on handling mining dumps.

Goa advocate general’s opinion that the mining dumps do not require environmental clearance is supposedly what has got the Union Ministry of Mines questioning the rationale because according to them “since the dumps are a result of mining operations and that dump handling involves impact on environment, appropriate environmental clearances and other clearances, should be a prerequisite.”

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