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Centre-State Tussle to hamper two mining seasons

Mining and mining-related companies will have to brace itself to withstand the closure of mining business in the state for two years or more, as per sources at the Centre. As the Central government appears to be in no mood to change its stance on the suspension of environmental clearances (EC) in the state. Forcing the mining companies to re-apply for the ECs which along with Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) could take a minimum of 18 months. Even if the state is to open up mining operations in the state, the Centre through its related ministries of Mining and MoEF will not change its stance.

Central government stand on mining and its related decisions such as the suspension of ECs of all mines in the state is targeted at driving a wedge and create economic instability in Goa that has a strong dependency on mining operations to put the BJP-led government in a tight-stop and also create unrest amongst mining-dependent people.

Political pundits at Centre and state feel that the attempt by the Centre (in particular the Congress party) is to ensure that revenue collections in the state deplete and with coffers from the Centre being closed, the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and his government will find it difficult to raise revenue to administer the state, since other revenue generating sector like tourism have not seen any substantial increase over the last couple of years and agriculture has not grown exponentially either. This will led the state machinery to put more burden on the people of the state through taxes and other measures, to raise the revenue collections and schemes such as the Laadli Laxmi and others will find it difficult to sustain itself.

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