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‘Chalta Hai’ Budget says Congress Opposition Leader Rane

One of the longest serving Chief Minister of Congress and current Leader of Opposition Pratapsingh Rane has termed the Goa Budget 2013-14 as a ‘Chalta Hai’ budget with growing concerning over the fiscal deficit doubling, high borrowings by the government and dependency on Grant-in- Aid schemes.

When asked for a comment during the post-Budget briefing, Rane stated that he would have to study the budget in detail, however, his initial assessment of the budget is one of ‘chalta hai’ budget.  “To me the budget appears to be fine, but the worrying aspect is the increasing fiscal deficit, which the government appears to be neglecting.”

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar today presented a Rs 10,053.24 crore budget in the Legislative Assembly.


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