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Chandor Voters Upset With Electoral Roll


The summary revision of electoral rolls underway has upset voters from two wards of Cavorim Chandor village forming part of the Cuncolim Assembly constituency as they have been registered in a different part.
Around 450 voters from Culsabhat and Igorjebhat wards of the village have indeed suffered the mortification of being treated like ping pong balls shifted from one place to another.
Initially voters from these two wards were enrolled in Part 4 of Cavorim Chandor village and used to vote at the polling booth set up in the Panchayat office.

However, at the summary revision undertaken two years ago, the concerned officer arbitrarily shifted these two wards to Part 8 and 9 which come under the neighbouring Guirdolim village.
At a gram Sabha meeting held in May this year, the villagers protested against this and subsequently the authorities shifted the two wards back to part 4 of Village Cavorim Chandor.
However, now that each polling booth is supposed to have not more than 1,000 voters, the voters from these two wards have been registered in Part 3 which had only 654 voters while after deleting their names from Part 4, the number of voters in Part 4 is 854.
The catch is that these voters will have to travel nearly two kms to exercise their franchise as the polling booth for Part 3 is the government primary school building at Cotta while the Panchayat office is situated in Igorjebhat itself and Culsabhat is the adjoining ward.
Voters from these two wards have strongly objected to shifting them to Part 3 and Cavorim Chandor Sarpanch Derrick Braganza Pereira said he would be demanding that they should not be shifted to any other part.
“I shall demand that the authorities set up an auxiliary polling booth for Part 4 so that the people find it easy to vote rather than having to travel such a huge distance,” he said.


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