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Change Slaughter Law: Muslims

The Goa State unit of the All India Milli Council has demanded that the Goa government amend the Goa Slaughter House Act, 1978 in order to allow them to slaughter animals to offer ‘qurbani’ on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha or Eid ul Zuha.
The demand came after authorities arrested 35 persons and rescued 26 bulls that were brought for slaughtering in the open at Baina on Thursday, a day after the eid was celebrated in Goa.

Iqbal Mohidin, president of the Milli Council in Goa alleged that under the guise of protecting animal rights, the religious obligations of his community were infringed upon and further implied that the NGO that complained about the act was being used to ferment communal disharmony.
He said that world over animals are offered as a sacrifice during this festival and the meat is distributed amongst the poor muslims.
He also rejected the proposal to slaughter the animals at the Goa Meat Complex abattoir at Usgao on grounds that it was not possible to slaughter that many animals in one place and further stating that the conditions at the abattoir were unhygienic as there was no proper supply of water.
Incidentally on Thursday, 87 animals were already butchered before the authorities stepped in and contrary to Mohidin’s claims, the conditions prevailing there were not hygienic as only one pit was dug and the blood of the slaughtered animals collected in it.

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