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Changes required in Bengal’s Education System


The basic requirement of learning is not only availability of education but also availability of education at its best. The level of equity presented in the deliverance of education is very important and thus, the bringing up of colleges with wide varieties of learning in West Bengal. However, learning and spreading learning is not the basic requirement. Acting as a learned and well-educated individual too forms among the fundamentals of education and the responsibility of which should be taken securely by the institutions providing higher education to individuals. Unfortunately, quantity has always gotten more preference over quality, thus, submerging the quality of education used for the upliftment of students. Various play measures have been taken to substantiate the loss of quality, yet the quality of marks always stands higher than the deep understanding of a particular course. Thus, diminishing the true value of the course attained and its application to not only other individuals, but also, in the day-to-day life overall to balance every challenge thrown forward by the world. It, is therefore, important to increase the number of schools, in fact doubler the foundation of schools being bought up, doubler the level of education and doubler the joy, adding onto the element of happiness in Kolkata, rightly named as the city of joy.

A qualitative example in the six years of educational plan provided by Delhi. You definitely cannot add salt in your tea, but by looking at the salt you will definitely work for the ultra-benefit of the young minds.

Therefore, to put the best form of education here in West Bengal itself so that teachers and students benefit both from the educative patterns.

Below, are the best ways in which you can add onto the efficiency of the teachers in West Bengal. Thereby, in the process of not only improving themselves, but also causing ripples of improvement among the students and their education.

  1. Summer Camps

Summer Camps are the best way to not only elevate stress during the vacations but also the best procedure of learning is presented there. Therefore, establishing certain summer camps which highlight the subject of the teacher and other subjects to will definitely be added in the list of beneficiaries.


  1. School of Excellence

Enrolling the teachers into exploring their hold at better teaching and to activate their ‘Midbrain’ is a very important exercise. Therefore, along with you giving them beneficiaries, make sure that they create a ripple of providing these beneficiaries thus, boosting their confidence, interest and concentration in learning and teaching too.


Delhi Government’s Education Reform Scheme ‘Chunauti’

Delhi Government had introduced the scheme in 2016 seeking to dropout of two students and improve educational quality with special focus on the weakest students. This scheme aims to divide students into groups on the basis of who can read and write Hindi and English and solve mathematical problems. Based on their learning abilities, they are given special classes, in government and MCD Schools.

Impact of the Chunauti Scheme

The single objective behind the introduction of Chunauti Scheme is to provide effective support to students who cannot cross the hurdle of class nine despite more than one attempt and ultimately, drop out. The new academic plan aims at working with the children right from class six. Teachers will be working intensively on different groups of children exactly as per specific requirement of different groups.

Difference between West Bengal’s Education and Delhi Government’s Education

If we compare the quality of education found in West Bengal and Delhi. The education of Delhi has always attracted lots of praise on improving of enormous pressure created in Delhi attracts many students from across the country. Delhi has indeed been noted of having the largest number of students from across the country and the largest number of universities. As compared to the West Bengal Government’s system of education which frequently faces the opposition of students in regard to its policies affecting education.


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