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Changing Village Status Likely to Stir Hornet’s Nest


Probably anticipating criticism for dropping the VP-III category where only 40 per cent FAR was proposed, Sanjith said the SLC was committed to preserving Goa while at the same time providing for the projected growth of the State.
The SLC has now classified the villages in only two categories – VP-I and VP-II. While VP-I will have 80 per cent FAR, VP-II will have 60 per cent FAR. Significantly the height of the building including stilt parking provision, is restricted to 9 metres in areas having 60 per cent FAR.

However, for development of any piece of land admeasuring more than 4,000 square metres in VP-I area, the FAR will automatically drop to 70 per cent and similarly in VP-II areas it will drop to 50 per cent for developing a plot of the same area.
In VP-II areas, for plots admeasuring 350 square metres, the FAR permissible will be 80 per cent.
It is this provision of 80 per cent FAR for plots admeasuring 350 square metres and reduction of the FAR for areas above 4,000 square metres that is likely to ferment dissent as this will result in people sub-dividing the plots to smaller dimensions in order to avail the higher FAR.


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