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Charmakars Abandon Damu Latch On To Vijai

In a major blow to the Bharatiya Janata Party and more particularly to its legislator Damodar alias Damu Naik, the Charmakar (cobbler) community from Fatorda assembly constituency, under the banner of Shri Sant Harlaya Samaj extended its support to Goa Pradesh Congress Committee General Secretary Vijai Sardessai in his quest to become the next representative of the constituency.
Speaking at a function held to observe the foundation day of Shri Sant Harlaya Samaj, its president dilip Kote expressed total disenchantment and disgust with Damodar Naik, who he said had failed to address their problems for the last 10 years despite them remaining loyal and faithful to him.

He also said that he and his community made a mistake earlier by spurring Vijai’s overtures and added that seeing his work even though he lost the last elections, they see Vijai as the only solution to their problems and extended their total support for him at the next assembly elections.
Vijai in his address congratulated the community for remaining united for the last seven decades and said that unity was the only solution and answer as it gives those united strength to face any adversity.
He promised to deliver the relevant government schemes to members of the community and more particularly the women folk so that the community can truly reap the benefits of independence.

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