Cheat and Pass: Goa Correspondence College Fraud At Large

While it is considered by some that Correspondence Colleges are an alternate route for procuring an educational certificate and degree; some of these colleges are using unscrupulous means of ensuring students pass from these institutes. GoaChronicle.com exposes the fraud happening at the Goa Correspondence College right now during the on-going examination. We bring to you an eye-witness account of a person who was approached to assist a student to answer the examination paper for a student of this institute on April 9, 2012…

If you access the website of the Goa Correspondence College which is supposedly an affiliate of the National Institute of Open School, you will find the tagline ‘Pass in the shortest time’. It also showcases the fact that it is the largest and oldest institute of its kind and also has an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Admission Guidance Centre.

The Goa Correspondence College has offices in Margao, Panjim, Vasco, Mapusa and Ponda. The eye-witness experienced this scam at the Margao branch – Ashirwad Building, 4th Floor, Opposite Meenaxi Hotel and Raymonds Showroom, Near City Hospital, Margao.

Here is the startling revelation of our eye-witness that exposes this scam. Please note we have kept the name of the eye-witness confidential to safe-guard interest of the Whistle-Blower. The issue on the happening in this correspondence college has been brought to us before but no one was willing to talk about:

GoaChronicle.com: Tell us how did you come about being caught in this situation with the Goa Correspondence College?

Since my family and I know the parents of the student who is part of the Goa Correspondence College and who is appearing for his Xth Standard Exam, I was approached by the parents of the student to assist and train the child in preparing for the exams. And as an act of good faith I decided to assist in preparing and training the student for the exams. I was told by the parent that the examination was going to be an open book examination and I was to train the student in such a manner.

GC: So if you were preparing the student for the exam, how did you come in contact with the Goa Correspondence College?

EW: The parent asked me to come along with them with meet with the institute authorities to learn more about the kind of papers, questions and syllabus the student would need to concentrate on. So I went along with the parents to what I was told is the National Open Institute but on the entrance of this institute, the board read Goa Correspondence College.

I was then introduced to a man, who looked to be in-charge of the institute but he never revealed his name to me then and neither when I asked the staff later was his name ever revealed. This man then asked the parent whether I was told about what I had to do and whether I fully understood my role, also more importantly he asked that parents if I understood the confidentiality of what I am suppose to do.

I was caught by surprise on this. So the man decided to explain to me what I had been called to the institute to do.

He explained that I would be answering the exam papers for the student, as the student was a slow learner; he has not studied for the exams and would not be able to pass the exam. So as an act of assisting the student, I would have to answer the paper as a writer for the student, which will be then be sent as the student as answered the papers. I protested and refused to do it. Since I refused, then they told me that since it was an open exam and if I did not want to write the paper, I could at least assist the student in finding the answers from the books during the exam.

The parent and student started to plead with me about the child’s future but I refused and went home. However, through close relatives of mine the parent further pursued the issue and out of frustration I decided to assist the student, still not knowing that when I went the next day that I was going to write an actual exam, in fact I thought I could still pursue the matter and get the student to write the paper with a little learning. But I was wrong in my assumptions.

GC: Could you describe the person in-charge from the Goa Correspondence College that you met?

EW: He was of Christian origin. He was tall and dark in color. He also spoke in good and convincing English. He had straight hair and wore it in a side-parting.  I reiterate that he refused to give me his name and neither when I asked the staff later for his name, they kept asking me why I wanted it and that either he or the parent of the student would get in touch with me.

GC: So you are saying that you decided to write the paper for the student on account of relatives’ pressure?

No, I did not decide to write the paper for the student, I went on account of the pressure from close relatives. The following day,  I went to the Goa Correspondence College, I was made to wait for over three hours from 9.30 am till 12.45 pm, I grew desperate and irritated. I told the students parents that I was leaving; it was then told to me that I had to go to another building – Virgincar Chamber, 2nd Floor, Success College. 

Here I entered a room and was handed over a question paper and a booklet. I also noticed that there were other students with their parents and friends all together to also answer an exam. There was no supervisor, no identity card was asked and no hall ticket was asked. Students entering with their parents and relatives already had a Xerox Copy of the question papers and they had books from which they could answer the questions in the paper. Even the parent of the student I wanted to assist had a copy of the question paper. And copies of the question papers seemed to be available to all. The entire examination hall resembled a mini-market of chaos and cheating.

GC: Then what did you do?

EW: I refused to answer the paper for the student. His parents continued to plead with me but I refused and decided to leave the examination hall. But when I went to exit of the hall, the door was locked making it impossible for me to leave, after persistent banging of the door. Someone finally opened it and I left the building and went home.

GC: What according to you was happening at Goa Correspondence College and the examination hall?

EW: I am surprised, shocked and appalled about what is happening there in the name of education. But what is even more shocking is that parents are siding with the institute to partake of this examination fraud. I was lured into it by known acquaintance to assist in this examination fraud. Even the conduct of the examination was a fraud meant to ensure that the student cheap and pass. I saw a family sit in the examination hall with small children, assisting the students cheat and pass the exam.

I still do not know why the staff refused to give me the name and number of the person in-charge or even the person refused to reveal himself. Even on the website the Goa Correspondence College has no contact number. The examination have started on April 9TH and are own till April 26th.


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