Chic Green Walls

Green walls will not only add chic design elements to your living space but also provide a much needed green cover to overly concretized cities.

The most ancient reference of a green wall dates back to the Babylonian times.  Today it’s quite common to see these vertical systems in Europe and North America and the trend is rapidly catching over in cities in developing countries as well. They are used to cover buildings to adorn garden walls and now as urban trends.
Green walls in India.

 India is still at the nascent stage of the green wall revolution but is catching on as the awareness of these keeps growing. It seems very relevant for a city like India where urban spaces of very congested cities can be adorned with vertical green wall systems adding instant class and an upscale look to the property.
Can a green wall be just more than just ornamental?
The urban food growing revolution sparked a whole new culture of edible landscaping where you could actually eat off your landscapes.
The most popular food to grow in edible green walls are herbs. The trend first started in restaurants where chefs would garnish a customer’s plate of food by picking live herbs fresh off a chicly designed green wall placed in the restaurant itself.

Now it is possible to have a custom designed nature wall at home where you can grow your own herbs that are used in everyday cooking as well complete with its own automatic drip irrigation system. But it doesn’t stop there; you can also grow varieties of veggies and fruits like strawberries, beetroots, chillies of different colours and bell peppers too!
Besides that, green walls can also be used to grow exotic flower varieties to adorn restaurant lobbies, receptions of offices, luxury apartment spaces and patios.

Selection of plants in a green wall is also important as it helps give the wall a denser look covering the modular panels that house the plants.  So if looking at ornamental designs, it is important to pick plants that have a high tolerance for shade if the green wall is going to be kept indoors.

‘Plant art’ is arrangement of flowers and plants of particular colours to create urban art and one with a creative and artistic mind.

What are some of the economic benefits?

They have multiple benefits for cities and citizens; they protect buildings from the effects of natural elements; and now can even be used to grow vegetables for commercial purposes.
Under sun exposure, a bare wall will contribute to heat conduction inside the building, making the internal building temperature rise, and contributing to the urban ‘heat island’ effect. But green walls, where the leaves of plants lose water through evapotranspiration, lower the surrounding air and building temperatures. Green walls also depress the cities temperature–they create a microclimate.

This has a lot of energy saving benefits as lesser internal cooling systems are required giving tremendous savings.

So why not experiment with a small vertical gardening system and try your hands with some greens or maybe do some ornamental green art gardening? You never know, it might just be a new found hobby that is like a gift that keeps on giving.

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