Chief Secretary speaks on the US trip

Speaking exclusive to GoaChronicle.com in a telephonic coversation from Delhi, Sanjay Srivastava, Chief Secretary, Goverment of Goa, said that there was one staff of Goa Tourism as part of the entourage, but claimed not to remember his name. However, he said he presumed that the staff was officially part of the entourage.

On being questioned on the mode of travel since GoaChronicle.com is in knowledge of the fact that the government officials travelled first-class; Chief Secretary said that all the officials travelled economy class while returning as they were in the same flight. As for the journey to States, while pointing out that he joined the Goa group later on, he said the onward journey too must have been as per the rules.
When asked about the stay in seven- star hotels – Beverly Hilton, Venetian Pallazio, Marriotts and Disneyland Resorts,  he said the arrangements were made by the Government of Goa and was as per the norms. “Generally when officials go abroad, they stay  in starred hotels,” he said.


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