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Chilean President offers 3 solutions to quell unrest in country


Brasilia, Nov 13 (GCCurrentAffairs) Chilean President Sebastian Pinera has offered the country’s citizens three different agreements that will hopefully lead to an end to the massive unrest that has recently engulfed the country.

“The first agreement is on peace and against violence, in which the violence that has caused us so much harm must be undoubtedly condemned. The second agreement is about justice [that aims] to launch a strong social agenda … The third agreement concerns a new constitution,” Pinera said in an address to the nation.

Pinera added that the opinion of the Chilean people should be prioritized when drafting a new constitution.

Chile has been mired in protests since October 6, when the authorities increased subway fares. What started as peaceful public demonstrations has turned into wider discontent with social policies and violent clashes with law enforcement. At least 19 people have been killed as a result of the unrest.

Later that month, the authorities proposed a series of measures to calm the protesters, promising to allocate 1.2 billion dollars toward solving social problems. They also introduced a curfew in a number of cities, which demonstrators frequently defy.

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