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China accuses US of obstructing talks aimed at banning militarization of outer space

Beijing: The United States is obstructing the international negotiations on an arms control agreement related to the prohibition of the placement of weapons in outer space, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Wednesday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a video message to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday that Moscow was promoting an idea of signing a deal between the leading world space powers that would prohibit a hostile use of space, including the prohibition of placement of weapons in outer space.

“China and Russia jointly submitted draft agreements on arms control in outer space at a conference on disarmament; these initiatives are receiving the support of an increasing number of states. Meanwhile, the United States, proceeding from its personal interests, has long been in a negative way opposing the international negotiation process on the arms control in outer space,” Wang said while commenting on Putin’s address.

According to the spokesman, the United States is actively pursuing a strategy of domination in outer space, which was designated by Washington as a domain of military operations involving the creation of air force and space commands and intensification of the militarization of outer space.

Wang called on all countries to actively contribute to the arms control process in outer space and to ensure lasting peace in outer space and security in general.

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