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China could have COVID-19 Vaccine by September 2020

Beijing: According to the Head of the Chinese Centre for Disease and Prevention, China may have a vaccine against COVID-19 for emergency use by September and for the general public by early next year.

Gao Fu, head of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, on Thursday told China Global Television Network, that vaccines currently at phase two or three of clinical trials could be available by the time of a potential second wave of outbreaks. Three Chinese vaccines have completed the first phase of the trials.

“We are in the frontline for the vaccine development, and we may have a vaccine ready for emergency use by September,” Gao said.

“These newly developed vaccines, which are still under phase two or phase three clinical trials, could be used for some special groups of people, for example health care workers,” Fu further added in the TV interview.

Fu statement is this is the first time a Chinese official has put a time estimate for the development of a coronavirus vaccine.

China has been accused at a global stage of being the origin of the coronavirus pandemic globally and the World Health Organisation (WHO) is accused of a China cover-up.

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