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China must accept the reality: Taiwan, Hongkong and Tibet doesn’t belong to China

Taiwan is officially known as Republic of China with it’s capital at Taipei. Taiwan is the one of the most densely populated country.

After Civil War in China, Republic of China and Communist Party of China emerged. Power went to Republic of China but the arms capacity of Communist Party was so high that Republic of China had to flee to Taiwan with an intent to return to mainland China and recapture it. Communist Party established People’s Republic of China and strengthened its defence forces to such an extent that Republic of China had to let go their desires. They rather focused to modernize their country and make it stronger. On the other hand, People’s Republic of China captured Mongolia and Tibet and is currently eyeing on Taiwan. People’s Republic of China has replaced Taiwan from every forum and forces world to accept it’s narrative of One-China policy. It even doesn’t let Taiwan to become full fledged member of United Nations. Taiwan is currently the most populous country with largest economy among the nation’s which is not a member of the United Nations (UN). Despite of this, The political status of Taiwan remains uncertain. The ROC is no longer a member of the UN, having been replaced by the PRC in 1971. Taiwan is claimed by the PRC and it refuses diplomatic relations with countries that recognise the ROC. Taiwan maintains official ties with only 14 out of 193 UN member states and the Holy See.

People’s Republic of China is a bully. It has adopted a totalitarian system with one party rule and has been accused of gross Human Rights abuses in the mainland China. It’s ambitions to increase it’s territories while annexing Tibet was not enough and it currently have border issues with atleast 10 countries. Recently, it spread Covid-19 disease in the world which has resulted in the biggest pandemic. And yet, it supplied bad quality mask to the needy countries shows it’s malice intentions. On the other hand, Taiwan entered a period of rapid economic growth and industrialisation called the “Taiwan Miracle”. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the ROC transitioned from a one-party military dictatorship to a multi-party democracy with a semi-presidential system. Taiwan is a developed country, ranking 15th in GDP per capita. It is ranked highly in terms of political and civil liberties, education, health care and human development.

When China annexed Tibet, India supported Tibet. Tibetan Government in Exile is in India today with Dalai Lama as it’s head. Within 30 years Taiwan has gone from a one-party dictatorship to an open democratic system while the PRC has become a big bully and thus, the natural partner of India is the Taiwan.

India and Taiwan can become stronger partner in the Indo Pacific region says Taiwan’s envoy to India, Sh Baushuan Ger.

There is a free press in Taiwan with democratic system and development model, while there is a totalitarian party ruling China with no rights of speech and expression and abuse of human rights.

On one hand, China doesn’t recognize Union Territory of Ladakh, neither it recognises Arunachal Pradesh despite of the fact that these two are the integral parts of India. On the other hand, it is asking Indian media to not recognize Taiwan.

On October 10, Taiwan celebrate it’s national day. This year, Chinese Embassy in New Delhi issued a letter, first of it’s kind, to Indian media. The letter is about possible reporting of the National Day of Taiwan on Oct 10th. The letter says, ‘Taiwan is inalienable part of China’s territory. It further threatened Indian Media by asking it not to violate One-China principle and shall not refer Taiwan as a nation. This is a direct threat to the media of world’s largest democracy.

Ministry of External Affairs reacted sharply to this letter saying that, “There is a free media in India and reports as it sees fit,”.

The official statement of Taiwan came shortly saying that, “India is the largest democracy on Earth with a vibrant press & freedom-loving people. But it looks like communist China is hoping to march into the subcontinent by imposing censorship. Taiwan’s Indian friends will have one reply: GET LOST!”

Nobel Committee was considering Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement for peace prize this year. However after China’s warning, they awarded the prize to UN World Food Program instead.

Ms Anna Sinha, Research Associate, BRICS International Forum and PhD scholar says that, “China cries foul over US domination everytime but then does the same. Theirs shouldn’t be a dragon but two-faced helminth instead”.

China must understand the fact that Taiwan is not China’s. Hong Kong is not China’s. Tibet is not China’s. The only thing China could claim is Corona virus.
Even US passed a very strong words against China on the occasion of Taiwan’s National Day by stating that China attempted to seize LAC by force with India and that time has come to retaliate.

Indians and Indian Media is trending National Day of Taiwan giving befitting reply to China while showing support to Taiwan despite of the fact that India unlike China is a free country with civil rights which means that this trend is voluntary in nature and that India is ready to challenge the bully nature of China to protect it’s border as well as to set and build a narrative on it’s own.

Author: Adv. Shashank Shekhar Jha
Legal Editor,

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