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Chinchinim locals gather to protest against high-rise

Chinchinim-Deussua villagers have issued a 21-day ultimatum to the village panchayat demanding the revocation of a construction licence issued to a proposed multi-storeyed project in the village.
They also demanded that the panchayat authorities should take steps to collect garbage and dispose it off.
On Sunday morning after the 8.30am mass at the Deussua chapel, a crowd of three hundred odd villagers gathered and came out with a memorandum. A copy of the memorandum has been submitted to minister for water resources Felip Neri Rodrigues who is also the local MLA and also to the local panch members.

While addressing the gathering Zeila Lacerda objected to the clearing of the project by the town and country planning department without consulting the village panchayat and its members.
Various speakers voiced anguish and concern regarding the sudden stoppage of the collection of garbage by the village panchayat. They also objected to the high rise construction which is proposed to come up in Deussua complaining that such buildings cause inconvenience to the residents of the area depriving them the basic amenities like water and electricity.

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