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Chinese Communist Party attempts at infiltrating global institutions and spreading Xi’s totalitarian ideals: Ex-CPC Member

Washington: Cai Xia, a retired Professor at the Chinese Communist Party’s top training center and think tank has stated that the Chinese Communist Party aims to replace the free and democratic systems based on the values of peace, freedom and justice with its own model of governance.

Cai has advocated imposing sanctions against top Chinese officials and called on the international community to check the Chinese Communist Party’s attempts at “infiltrating” global institutions and spreading Xi’s “totalitarian” ideals.

Cai was expelled from the Chinese Communist Party earlier this week for questioning high ranking leaders of the party including general secretary Xi Jingping. She has lived in the US since last year and had called on the US to be more proactive in confronting Beijing. She openly supported Trump administration’s ban on telecommunications giant Huawei, which Washington deemed a national security risk due to its alleged links to the Chinese government.

In a recent interview to CNN she described the US -China relations a “confrontation between two systems and two ideologies”.

Cai said that under Xi space for dissent has been shrinking and there is no intra-party democracy.

She said that Xi does not allow any dissent and punishes people by labelling charges of spoiling party discipline and corruption charges against them.

Cai said that the Chinese system was suffering due to lack of transparency as officials conceal information from their superiors and only report that which they want to hear, hence making policy making less effective.

Cai does not hide her apprehensions regarding China’s future under Xi. She feels that Xi is leading the country away from the path of reform and opening, and without internal reforms, conflicts and tensions could build up and one day erupt all of a sudden.

Savio Rodrigues

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