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Jay Hirani, a Gujrati from Sangli, Maharashtra, born and brought up in Margao, Goa pursued Computer Engineering from Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda – Goa. He is currently working at Ciel HR Services Pvt Ltd. In conversation with Ila Dhond, Content Editor at What opportunities do you see in Goa?

Jay: In the HR field, there’s going to be a hope for employability. IT Hub is coming up which will provide opportunities for Freshers. Education is not enough for any Individual to find a decent job, additional courses within the same field is a must. At the end of the day it’s you who create & pounce on the opportunities that lays in front of you & make a difference. Also, Goa has a good market because of tourists. It is a good place to stay and build a career. It is a place of beginnings. Do you see a gap between College Syllabus and the industry?

Jay: In my opinion, the college syllabus is not relevant to the industry at all. Being a Computer Engineer I had taken up a job in the same field, but I was foreign to the industry. The industry routine issues were completely different than the syllabus taught in college. It was not quite satisfying. That is when I decided to quit technical job & moved to HR field. In my current job, I get to meet & interact with various clients across India. I also get to speak to regional managers, CXO of different companies. It has always been my hobby to interact and meet different people. I enjoy my work here. What were the difficulties you faced during Covid?

Jay: I did not come across any major difficulties during covid. The enormous scale of the crisis and the impact it is having are naturally causing a lot of fear, uncertainty, and anxiety across the globe. I missed my friends and the quality time I used to spend with them. My father being cloth merchant faced delayed resources for months. The core source of income was affected. But with time it’s coming back on track. I hope everything goes back to normal soon. Tell our readers about Ciel HR.

Jay: CIEL is a new-age Recruiting and Staffing Company focused on helping organizations find talent either for their permanent or contractual roles. The Founders of Ma Foi (founded in the year 1992) and industry veterans have come together to co-found CIEL with an ambition to bring new meanings in talent acquisition and management. The three-hundred plus employees in the Company, forty-five plus Branches across India, Two thousand plus clients are the backbone of CIEL. Being a computer engineer to being HR. Was the jump a career risk for you?

Jay: I graduated in 2016. I worked as a software engineer for around 6 months and quit the job. Back then, I tried all the job profiles in a software job like testing, development etc. where I wasn’t enjoying the work. Later, I met a person from Jamshedpur, an HR from XLRI who gave me an opportunity to join HR field. When I started working, I found it pretty interesting, also I’m exploring different modules of HR where now I feel I made the right decision and enjoying what I do from the last four years.



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