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Chowgule College Students Visit Sweden

As part of the annual cultural exchange programme with Sweden, students and faculty members from Chowgule College, Gogol visited Tullinge Gymnasium, a high school in Sweden. During their two-week stay in Sweden, the students were introduced to various aspects of the country and were able to get a peek into the local lifestyles of the Swedish.

Athena, their global vocational learning programme aims at providing opportunities for the two developing countries to get an insight into each other’s culture, traditions and lifestyle. Through this programme, Chowgule College hosted a delegation of students and faculty members from Tullinge Gymnasium, Sweden a few months ago.
While in Sweden, the students were exposed to the cultural, academic and social aspects of the country. From attending regular classes at the school to visiting places of historical and cultural importance and sampling the local cuisine, the two-week stay was full of interesting activities.
Visits to conservatories, botanical gardens and museums including the Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet (Swedish Museum of Natural History), Skansen which is the first open museum and zoo in Sweden located on the island Djurgarden in Stockholm, the Alfred Nobel Museum and others were part of the schedule.
Students also visited local schools, police station, religious places and other community centers in an attempt to get a better understanding of the social fabric of the place.
A participant, Barkha Naik said: “Sweden trip was an enriching experience. We got an opportunity to be a part of their culture and learn through interactions with the students. Every moment spent in Sweden was a wonderful learning experience”.
The students also visited Tullinge Gymnasium’s waste management plant. Sessions on waste management, segregation and proper disposal were also shared with the students who are looking to implement some changes based on what was learnt on campus in Sweden.

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