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Chowgule Colleges Hosting Swedish Students

As part of its annual cultural exchange programme with Sweden, Chowgule College is presently hosting a group of 12 students and 3 faculty members from Tullinge Gymnasium, a high school in Sweden. During their two week stay in Goa, the Swedish students aged between 17 to 21 years are being introduced to various aspects of Goan and Indian culture and have been able to get a peek into the local lifestyles of the Goan people.
The global vocational learning programme, Athena, aims at providing opportunities for two developing countries to get an insight into each other’s culture, traditions and lifestyle. Through this programme Chowgule College will showcase an array of diverse ethnicities possessed by Indians and more closely Goans.

A number of activities and classes have been arranged for the students. From yoga to field visits and culture lessons to sightseeing; they will experience the lifestyle followed by the people of Goa.
Students have been visiting places of historic and cultural importance like museums, wildlife sanctuaries, heritage homes, spice farms and religious places during their stay here. They have also been to Sangath’s activity centre, Daddy’s Home, an old age home and other centres run by NGOs for children and women in an attempt to understand the social fabric of the place.
Through this global exchange programme students from Chowgule College will in return be visiting Tullinge Gymnasium in Sweden in March 2011.
Tony Carrick, Assistant Principal, Tullinge Gymnasium, Sweden said it was a wonderful experience in Goa. “We love the place and the people here are extremely warm and hospitable. It is very important for students to be able to broaden their thinking and be able to experiences different cultures. Sweden is a small country. Spending two weeks in Goa, living and studying amongst the students of Chowgule College has been an enriching experience for the students of our institute,” he said.

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