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Christian social activist exposes fraudulent acts of Churches in Mangalore Diocese

GoaChronicle speaks to social and political activist Robert Rosario who has released a videotape on social media exposing the fraudulent acts of the Catholic Churches in Mangalore Diocese, India…

GoaChronicle(GC): What has inspired you to expose the corruption and fraudulent acts in the Catholic Church?

Robert Rosario (RR): I have been a social and political activist for the last 30-years. I have also been an active member of the Church. I have been an altar-boy, secretary of the Parish Council, Diocesan Council Member. I was often bothered about the scam in Church administration in particular with matters related to finance. Therefore, I decided to first investigated and then file criminal complaint against the churches in Mangalore Diocese.

GC: Why did you feel the need to expose the scam in the Churches of the Mangalore Diocese?

RR: The need to expose them immense because there is huge money of my Christian community being swindled; thus the members of the community are denied benefits of community income.

GC: Tell us about the case you have been investigating since last several years and its current status in the Court of Law?

RR: I got into parish council in the year 1994. Same year Padre Valerian pinto (presently accused no 1) came to our church as parish priest, held position till 2001. Since then I have know him to be man who indulges in fraudulent acts and illegalities using the Church as a cover. He is also a great manipulator of situation and people.

However, I never succeeded in getting any documentary evidence to book him.
Now I found documentary evidence from Kulsheker Church where he held position of parish priest from 2008 to 2015.

So filed criminal Complaint on him and others on 5th of April 2017 in the court of JMFC II Mangaluru. But they purchased the magistrate as I explained in video.

At last after a long struggle of two years managed to get the order of issue process.
(by then new magistrate had took charge) on 26th February 2019 and it was made CC from PC- with number CC1254/2019.

Accused no 3 (himself an advocate of dubious character) challenged the order of issue process in the district and session court.

Thus got temporary stay on further proceedings of lower court. I challenged his revision petition which is in process and yet to be decided.

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