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Christians starts signature campaign to demand release of ‘Baby Selling’ sister


Ranchi: While the Catholic Church and majority of Christians in India has kept completely quiet on the accusations of rape by 44-year old nun against Bishop Franco Mulakkal; it appears that a group fo Christians inspired by Bishop Theodeore Mascarenhas’s eye-witness account of claimed injustice being done to the ‘Baby Selling’ Sister Concelia Baxla of the Missionaries of Charity who is prison, have taken out a signature campaign for her release.

In his letter, Bishop Mascarenhas who is spokesperson of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI), who offered absolutely no grievance redressal to the accusations levelled by the 44-year old nun against Bishop Franco Mulakkal who raped and sodomised her; has written a touching letter tell the Christians in India about the plight of the sister in prison.

Here is excerpt of what Bishop Mascarenhas has written, “Here she was in jail, suffering humiliation and shame because political powers wished to use her to punish the Church for working for the poor, the marginalized and the destitutes. She was not worried about her own travail. She was concerned about the harm her arrest had done to the name of the Church.”

Then he further sermonises in his letter, “Meanwhile our poor sister continues to be in Jail, two hundred and twenty two days in jail. She belongs to a Religious Order where sisters not only are not allowed to possess any money or belongings, but on their transfer carry just a bucket and a saree besides the one they wear. The nuns are allowed to visit their homes once in 10 years for three weeks, and can go home for a week if either of their parents die. But what they do possess is a rich community life which sustains them, the daily Eucharist which strengthens them and the comfort of serving the poor and the marginalized which motivates them. Sister Concelia is deprived of all three because of the repeated denial of bail.”

While the CBCI fights for release of the ‘baby selling’ sister of the Missionaries of Charity, it plays mute spectator over the mental torture meted to the victim nun and other nuns who have supported her in her fight for justice.



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