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Church Code Of Conduct To Visitors

The Goan church authorities have decided to take a leaf from their Hindu brethren and enforce a dress code for people particularly visiting the places of worship particularly in Old Goa which attracts thousands of tourists every year.
The church authorities have decided to act against wayward and disrespecting tourists to maintain decorum in these places of sanctity by placing “human filters” at the entrance to the church to prohibit scantily dressed visitors from entering the premises.

According to priests, local devotees often get scandalized with the scanty attire of the tourists particularly foreigners. Although a lady was posted at the church two years ago to dissuade scantily dressed visitors from entering the premises, the move did not succeed.
The church authorities are now contemplating keeping more such persons.
The problem is acute at the Basilica which besides being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also houses the relics of St. Francis Xavier and at the same time continues to be a “living church” having regular services for the locals.
The many tourists visiting the Basilica to venerate St. Francis Xavier often end up disturbing the religious ceremony underway.


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