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Church draws up its message on eve of Goa elections


The church in Goa appealed to voters not to cast their “sacred vote” based on goodies, sponsored pilgrimages or superficial promises made by aspiring candidates contesting the March 3 assembly election.

An official press release by the Diocesan Centre for Social Communications Media said that the “decision at the polling station is a decision that has wider repercussions regarding the issues our people have stood for over the years, particularly against rampant corruption and reckless degradation of the ecology in Goa”.

The church said that when candidates come visiting our homes it would seem ill-mannered not to promise one’s “sacred vote” and we may wrongly think it is fair to keep our courteous word.

The press release states, “Our sacred vote is an expression of our dignity and nobleness; to make it a pawn to a favour or to a gift or to a promise superficially made is to underestimate and trivialize it; it is immoral to accept such favours or gifts, worse still, is to fraudulently invoke moral or religious blackmail to bind our conscience to those favours or gifts; there are no terms of comparison between the gift or favours received and the future of a state. The selfishly received favours or goodies can in no way serve the dignity of our sacred vote and the future of our state.”

The church advises voters to ask themselves certain questions before casting their votes. Is the candidate of my choice capable of forgetting himself/herself for the sake of the state? Is he/she capable of being a good legislator whose primary duty will be to draw effective legislation to safeguard Goa? As an honest legislator will he/she provide effective governance that will provide for the integral development of our Goa? Is he/she capable of looking after the issues Goans have raised, particularly the most important and urgent issue of an ecological time bomb ticking in Goa?


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