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Church NGO asks voters to reject terror of pseudo-nationalism, defectors

Panaji, Mar 27 (GCCurrentAffairs) The Council for Social Justice and Peace, the social wing of church in Goa, on Tuesday urged electorates to reject terror of pseudo-nationalism and take on corrupt defectors and political opportunists.

In a statement, Fr Savio Fernandes, Executive Secretary of the Council, said, “Let us also give corrupt defectors and opportunists the due electoral response. Let us not be carried away by petty and trivial issues but think of the overall interest of the nation and of our State.”

“When rightful and timely information is denied, reports and surveys tweaked to suppress inconvenient facts, critical dissent crushed by labeling it as anti-national and as urban naxalism, when hoodlums run riot on streets in the guise of nationalism – the defensive counter claims of no corruption and scam free governance become totally hollow,” he said.

Speaking about Goa, he said,”“Another evil is the blatant engineering of defections in violation of the people’s mandate. Moreover, persons who deceive and betray people’s trust should have no scope in democracy.”
The statement has come at a time when the coastal is preparing itself for conducting Lok Sabha elections and by-elections to three assembly constituencies.

By-polls to two of the three assembly constituencies have been necessitated due to the resignation of two Congress MLAs who later joining ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).


Via UNI-India

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