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Churchill Alemao Excuses: EVMs, Priests and Kamat


Instead of accepting the verdict of the people gracefully and with humility, the former minister Churchill Alemao of the now humiliated Congress-led government continued with his foot-in-the-mouth syndrome by alleging that the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) were manipulated which were one of the main reasons for his defeat and that of others from the Alemao ‘family-raj’ clan.

The failure has certainly taken a toll on this Supremo of the Alemao clan who even blamed the priests of the Catholic Church who worked against him, his family and the Congress party; and instead chose to support the BJP. He even blamed the outgoing Chief Minister Digambar Kamat for working against him.

“These EVMs were used in Goa for the first time and they were connected to a laptop. By putting one chip you can use a programme and manipulate the counting process,” Alemao said, adding that politicians across India have slammed the use of EVMs and that he will file a petition against EVM usage in polls.

Further pointing out that EVMs were being phased out of elections in countries like France because of the same flaws, Alemao claimed that it was now international practice to go back to the system of manual ballots.

However, what one fails to understand the stand of this sour loser streak in Alemao on the EVMs considering that it was the UPA government at the Centre headed by the Congress party who had introduced the EVMs to India and it is against the UPA government that the Janata Party President Subramanium Swamy had filed a writ petition challenging the use of EVMs and how it benefitted the Congress party in the previous Central elections.


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