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Churchill Dismisses Micky’s Allegations

PWD Minister Churchill Alemao dismissed Micky’s allegation of defrauding the public exchequer as baseless and implied that his bête noire is suffering from selective memory loss.
“The circular referred to by Micky was not issued by me but was in force since the year 2001,” he said implying that the circular was issued when Manohar Parrikar was the chief minister of Goa with Ravi Naik as the PWD Minister.

Churchill however defended the circular claiming that it was because of it that Goa can today boast of quality roads. “Prior to the circular, we used to get quantity but not quality and the roads used to get washed away immediately, sometimes necessitating repairs even thrice within a year,” he said.
He insisted that the circular has saved money for the government as the savings on repairs and patch work has reduced drastically as currently the roads last for a minimum period of three years.
“Poor, innocent Micky is getting deluded by the present reality,” said Churchill sarcastically while speaking to Goa over the telephone from the National Capital.

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