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Churchill Lambasts Willy


PWD Minister Churchill Alemao came down heavily on Goa Planning Commission’s Deputy Chairman Dr. Wilfred de Souza and while suggesting that the latter should retire from politics also implied that he was turning senile in his old age.
Reacting strongly to Dr. de Souza’s comments on him shedding crocodile tears over the medium of instruction issue, he clarified that the Progressive Democratic Front government made regional language the medium of instruction at primary school level because the Diocesan Education Board that manages over 100 schools in Goa wanted the change.

“However, 20 years later, the Diocesan Education Board has realized its mistake and now wants English as the medium of instruction and that is the reason why we have to change the policy because that is the people’s demand,” he said.
Churchill asserted that the Congress Party is for the people and clarified that since the party has a hierarchy, a decision has to be taken by the High Command, which he said would decide as per the people’s wishes by 20th May.
“Dr Willy is in a state of a limbo as he has no party and nobody to answer to whereas we have are bound to our party,” he said taking another dig at his former mentor. He admitted that earlier he had a lot of respect to Dr de Souza but hastened to add that it is lost forever now.
Churchill accused Dr. de Souza of hitting out at him only because as the PWD minister he had repaired the market in Saligao which the former MLA did not want to be undertaken.
He also accused Dr. de Souza of conspiring with Uday Bhembre to hoist Konkani in Devnagiri script upon Goans and more particularly the Catholic community while passing the Official Language Bill and accused both of them of adhering to the casteist philosophy of seeking to keep the marginalized sections suppressed.
“Dr. Willy has no right to speak about the medium of instruction now as he failed to address the issue when he was in the government and more important when he was the chief minister of Goa,” thundered Churchill.
He said that once elected, representatives have to serve the people even if it means changing the laws whenever required.


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