Churchill Supporting Migrant Usurp Goans’ Land?

Public Works Department Minister Churchill Alemao who loses no opportunity to proclaim his love for Goa and Goans and even projects himself as the ultimate protector of Goans, is now accused to helping a non-Goan usurp the land of true blooded children of the soil in Dongorim, Navelim his constituency. GoaChronicle.com investigates…

The property in Fradilem surveyed under No. 143/2 belongs to the Rodrigues family whose three sons and only daughter are all working abroad. As all the children were abroad, the mother Patsy built a thatched roof hut in their property and allowed one Shanta Gupta to live there with her family.

Patsy who was based in Mumbai used to come to Goa for a week to do the plucking and during her stay in Goa, Shanta used to do the household chores. Unfortunately, the mother suddenly died in November 2005 and the children came on a week’s leave to attend the funeral as they were granted only a week’s leave from their respective workplaces on compassionate grounds.

Subsequently, in April 2006, the daughter Veeneeta Rodrigues came down to Goa and when she went to her maternal house at Dongorim, Navelim, she was shocked to find the hut replaced with a proper laterite stone house. When Veeneeta asked Shanta to leave the house, Shanta abused her and asserted that she would not leave the place and pointed out that she was quite well connected as at that time she used to work as a domestic help for the then Sarpanch of Navelim, who met with a fatal accident shortly thereafter.

However, after the sarpanch’s death Shanta reportedly contacted Philomen Barreto a close associate of Churchill Alemao and is now apparently using their support to usurp the land on which she has illegally constructed the house.

As the house constructed by her has no license or permission from any authority, and following persistent follow up by Winston Rodrigues, one of the sons, the Navelim panchayat at its meeting on 31st January 2011 resolved that the same should be demolished and moved the Block Development Officer for further process.

Following the due process of law, the BDO also came to the conclusion that the house is illegal and ordered its demolition vide order dated 8th August 2011 and accordingly the demolition was fixed for 10th August 2011.

However, the demolition did not take place even though the Collector’s office had requisitioned the demolition squad complete with police for protection and the reason offered was that the Public Works Department could not mobilize the required labourers.

Goa Chronicle.Com however, understands that the Philomen used Churchill Alemao to call up Executive Engineer A S Ringne who in turn ensure that the labour force would not report for the demolition.

Winston who specially flew down from Dubai for the demolition had to return dejected as justice was denied besides he had wasted a substantial amount of money on his travel.

Though a fresh date for demolition has been promised, till date the same has not been issued amidst rumours that Churchill’s office is working overtime to stall the demolition and with Philomen who was working in the Gulf for many years having returned to Goa on about seven years back, testifying that Shanta has been living in the house for 20 years!

When Veeneeta called on Churchill to explain the position to him, he reportedly told her that Shanta was looking after the old lady of the house when she was bed ridden, which is a total lie given the fact that Patsy was active till her death and had died in Mumbai and therefore the question of Shanta looking after the lady in Goa when she had actually died in Mumbai does not arise at all.

Shanta has no document to prove any right to the house as the property stands recorded in the name of Patsy Rodrigues in the Index of Land Records, the house in the property stands registered in the name of Patsy in the panchayat for the purpose of taxation and the house constructed by Shanta has no license or permission from any authority and that is the reason why it was ordered to be demolished.

However, it is thanks to the self proclaimed protector of Goans’ intervention that this non-Goan Shanta is till date able to occupy the house illegally constructed in the property of true Goans!

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