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Churchill to Turn Tiatrist


PWD Minister Churchill Alemao disclosed that he has penned a tiatr that he will be staging shortly when time permits. He made this startling announcement at a function to release Buyao Theatres Goem’s latest album Buyao Rocks Konkani.
Going down memory lane, he disclosed that during his earlier days he had written and staged four tiatrs beginging with the one titled Dharun Kalliz, which he claimed was the first tiatr to be staged in the Wembley Hall, London.
Thereafter, he said he wrote a tiatr titled Tumi ani Ami where Ophelia played the lead role.

As fights over property matters were increasing in Goa, he said he wrote a tiatr titled Batt ani Vatt which was much appreciated and this was followed by a tiatr called Tikett based on the clamour for party tickets at the time of elections. However, after that he joined the merchant navy and never got back to writing tiatr, he rued
“But I have now written a new tiatr which I shall stage when time permits and the title of my tiatr is Ami Voitat, Tumi Ieat,” he said. His announcement was quite well received by the crowd present.


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