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CIA now investigating Vasco rape case: UGDP Secretary General


Taking pot-shots at the civil-society activists in the newly formed group of People Against Atrocities & Injustice (PAAI) in particular Cyril Fernandes, Advocate Aires Rodrigues and Anil Kankonkar, UGDP secretary general, Anacleto Viegas in a press conference at Margao stated that CIA is now investigating the rape case of the seven-year old girl in the Vasco school. CIA referring to Cyril, Aires and Anil (though it appears that the Head-Mistress lawyer has got the spelling of Aires Rodrigues wrong, as is noticed in his letter to the Vasco Police inspector objecting to the public meeting).


Viegas said, “It appears now that the Team of CIA is investigating case rather than the Goa Police. If people have issues with certain governance related matters they should raise their objections with the government and not have public meetings.”

In a letter dated April 8th 2013, sent from United Goans Democratic Party (UGDP) to the Police Inspector/Officer-in-Charge, Vasco Police Station and signed by Anacleto Viegas, Secretary General, UGDP, it states,

“The investigations in the case is being monitored by the Children’s Court at Panjim, hence the proposed public meeting is an attempt at interference in investigation and the judicial process.”

It further states, “The public meeting is likely to be used for the following nefarious designs; to abuse and malign the police, the school staff, elected representatives and innocent youth; to slander and defame private individuals and lower the dignity of the institution where children are admitted for their upbringing and education; totally false allegations, innuendos, inferences are sought to be drawn against innocent persons on the basis of malicious and fabricated facts. There is a likelihood of breach of peace if the above meeting is permitted as the public is incensed with the utterances and false allegations being made.”


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