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CII Goa organises conference on ‘Water Management’

Panaji, Jul 27 (GCCurrentAffairs) CII Goa organised conference on ‘Water Management’ on the theme Replenishing the Planet – Every Drop Counts’ to bring together all stakeholders including government, industry, municipal bodies, panchayats, society, village representatives, city  corporations, emphasising adoption of sustainable methods through Innovative water management solutions in Industry and Society with an aim to enhance the water conservation on Friday.

Speakers who spoke at the Conference were Ramesh Datla, Chairman, CII National Water Committee, S T Nadkarni, Chief Engineer, Water Resource Departmen, Government of Goa, Dr Pradip Sarmokadam, Nodal Officer, Goa State Wetland Authority, Member Secretary, Goa State Biodiversity Board, Dr Sunil Kumar, Director, National Institute of Oceanography, Kamakshi Pai, Officer in Charge NABARD, Nagesh D Pai, HOD, SMP, Goa Shipyard Limited, Dr Sachin Tendulkar, CEO, Mineral Foundation of Goa and Mandar Nanajkar, Scientist, National Institute of Oceanography.

The conference addressed the demands of a rapidly industrializing economy and urbanizing society faced with limited potential for augmenting water supply due to falling water tables and severe water quality issues.

Speaking at the conference Lalit Saraswat, Chairman CII Goa State Council, said, ”Water resource is of utmost importance and a critical world asset. It is the key to socio-economic-political development and quality of life in this universe.”

He further highlighted that in spite of receiving an average rainfall of around 2813 mm, the State of Goa was also in the process of being ‘water stressed’ to ‘water scarce’ in coming years at least in few block panchayats in the state.
S T Nadkarni, Chief Engineer, Water Resources Department, Government of Goa, said the government was committed and fully ceased on the issue of water management in the state.

He pointed out that there was a need to plan, develop, utilize and regulate the water resources in an optimal and eco-friendly manner involving a blend of traditional and technological innovative methods to preserve the precious resource for posterity.

”We take water for granted. We only become aware of it when there is a scarcity. Just because it is free, we utilise it indiscriminately” Kamakshi Pai, Officer in Charge, Goa Regional Office, NABARD, said.

She went on to explain that NABARD creates public infrastructure for water management and finances water management projects for irrigation, drinking water and industry. She spoke about how India has the second largest population in the world but only four per cent of the world’s water resources.

Sunil Kumar, Director, National Institute of Oceanography,,”If we do not manage water resources effectively now, the GDP is projected to fall by six per cent in the coming years.”

He went on to speak about the reduction in groundwater levels in the Gangetic plain and the how the non-availability of recycled water vapour was exacerbating this reduction.

”Water today is one of the most pressing concerns faced in India today. 600 million Indians are experiencing acute water crisis. By 2030 India’s water demand is projected to be twice the available supply,” stated Ramesh Datla, Chairman, CII National Water Committee.

He went on to speak about the Jal Shakti Abhiyan, a scheme introduced to address over 254 water stressed districts in India.

Naguesh D Pai, HoD, SMP, Goa Shipyard Limited, said, ”we cannot afford to become complacent. We need to intensify initiatives for the conservation of water. Every measure, no matter how big or small, counts.”

”We need to take action urgently and proactively address issues related to water scarcity in the state. One of the ways we can do this is through rain water harvesting. Rain water harvesting takes the pressure from local aquifers and municipalities, reduces water logging and raises water levels in areas facing scarcity,” said Gavin DSouza, Director, Lila Digital and Environmental Solutions P Ltd.

Via UNI-India

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