CII IWN Goa Chapter organises conference focusing on charismatic women in industry

Panaji, Aug 31 (GCBusiness) CII Indian Women Network (IWN) Goa Chapter organised a Conference – ‘It’s Her’ focusing on charismatic women in the industry and their stories for empowering and inspiring Indian women in the city on Friday.

Nila Mohanan (IAS), Secretary, Education, Industries Trade and Commerce, Government of Goa, Lalit Saraswat, Chairman, CII Goa State Council, Kalpana Unadkat, Chairperson, CII IWN Western Region and Partner Khaitan and Co, Shika Pandey, Cricketer, Indian Women National Team, Regina L M Dourado, Senior Chief Superintendent, Goa Shipyard Ltd and International Sportsperson, Dean Menezes, Past Chairman, CII Goa State Council, Atul Pai Kane, Past Chairman, CII Goa State Council, Dr Nandita De Souza, Director, SETHU and Parvish Andani Kamat, CII-IWN Past Chairperson and Founder of Anka Services and EDU180, were speakers at the conference.

The Panel Discussion – Think Equal, Embrace Ambition, Empower Her elaborated on the various factors that could possibly contribute to the empowerment of women from society, to family, to emotions. The panellists discussed how empowerment starts from within and deliberated on how women have an incredible power within them but often do not realise this. The key to empowerment was through emotions. It was also stated that women undergo various struggles at their workplace and face a number of inequalities and discrimination.

Shika Pandey said, ”Empowerment starts from the household, I would not have realised my full potential without my parent’s guidance. My father sparked my ambition. He showed me that I can pursue multiple dreams”.

The panelist then went on to discuss the role of education in women empowerment and whether education always translates into gainful employment for women. They also raised a question on why the education that women receive doesn’t always translate into gainful employment and how there are a number of systemic constraints that prevent this. The panelist deliberated that if women are educated, they may take a decision to have fewer children or even adopt children. This reduction in pollution will ensure greater opportunities for everyone.

Nila Mohanan (IAS), Secretary, Education, Industries Trade and Commerce, Government of Goa, said any constructive conversation about women had to be based on education.

”We are still in an era where degrees and qualifications matter. Without the means for a woman to stand on her own two feet, there is no way for her to be empowered,” she said.

The pros and cons of maternity leave and other benefits that legislation forces the industry to provide to women were discussed. A number of women on the panel, as well as members of the audience pointed out that these legislations in the current scenario might be creating even greater discrimination against women as far as employment is concerned.

The topic of equality versus equity was also raised with the question about whether women really want equality or whether they want their uniqueness to be recognised and valued.

Sheetal S Pai Kane, Director, Acoustic Components Pvt Ltd, will lead as the chairperson for CII-IWN Goa Chapter.

Via UNI-India

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