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Cipriano’s Death Witness Summoned

Sub Divisional Magistrate Sabaji Shetye conducting the judicial enquiry into the alleged custodial death of Cipriano Fernandes, has summoned Kenneth Silveira, a key witness to record his statement on 27th January evening.
Initially, the SDM tried to summon Kenneth over the phone which was outright rejected by the witness following which a formal summons was served on the witness on Monday.

Kenneth has already revealed that he had seen the motionless body of Cipriano lying at the Panjim Police Station on 8th January when he was at the police station and further deposed that he had seen police official kicking the lifeless body of Cipriano to see whether he was alive.
Kenneth had also stated that there was froth oozing out of Cipriano’s mouth and his clothes were in tatters.
The Sub-Divisional Magistrate has reportedly examined 22 witnesses so far and is yet to record the statements of the doctors attached to the Forensic Department of Goa Medical College.


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