Classical music has had amazing influence on my career: ‘Lord J’

Panaji: In this recent times, music artists around the world rely heavily on their public image and social media clout for making their music singles a hit with hefty marketing budgets, international music labels backing them up and a constant connection with fans through social media.

However, one singer-songwriter of Indian origin with a stage name ‘Lord J’ has chosen a different path by opting to keep his identity anonymous and let his talent speak for itself in the international music arena.

With four internationally hit songs in the English Pop Genre, Lord J has successfully revolutionized the whole anonymous category and grown into world-famous music icon by clocking over 2.7 million views across all his songs on YouTube.

Speaking to UNI, ‘Lord J’, whose all songs have been produced by his parents under the music label J Records, said he is not a trained singer but classical music had had an amazing influency on his career.

‘Am not a trained singer, but classical music has had an amazing influence on my singing career, Carnatic music actually encourages singers to go raw,’ he said.

Though he has no formal training in classical singing, yet, his passion for music has driven him to receive worldwide recognition. From single-handedly writing lyrics to creating the melody and conceptualizing videos for his music, every song is really close to his heart.

When asked how did he see pop music scenario in India and its is its future, he said not only Pop, the whole music scene is so integrated with the film industry that musicians in India do not get attention they deserve.

‘Not only Pop, the whole music scene is so integrated with the film industry that musicians in India don’t get the attention they deserve, my aim is to encourage musicians to stay away from the film industry to create a unique mark for themselves,’ he said.

Lord J, who hails from Varanasi and is currently based in Bengaluru, said to be known internationally was not a very huge task but to be globally impactful was a herculean task.

‘To be known internationally is not a very huge task, but to be globally impactful is a herculean task, I think the answer is realising the difference between famous and impactful,’ he said.

Speaking about future plans, he said he had penned down ideas for 13 songs and one was almost complete.

‘I have penned down ideas for about 13 songs, 1 song is almost complete, choir needs to added,’ he said.

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