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Cleanliness Tops Margao Councillors’ Agenda

Margao may well change for the better wearing a cleaner and neater look as garbage management and cleanliness is the first priority all the newly elected councillors give themselves. For Rosy Pereira who represents the market area, making the market look clean and neat would be the topmost priority while Doris Texeira suggests that a dedicated pick-up be kept only to collect waste from the New Market.

For first time councillor Arthur D’Silva, the roadside dust bins should be enclosed to prevent stray dog from scattering the waste in the bins while for most of the other councillors, regular emptying the bins is a must.
For Joseph D’Silva, Dayanand Deulkar and Pratima Coutinho, door to door collection is the answer to give Margao a cleaner look as they believe that this will eliminate the need to have dust bins by the roadside.

Goa Chronicle brings you the priorities of each of the councillor for his or her ward and for the town as a whole:

Arthur Louis D’Silva

Ward: Enclose the dust bins to prevent dogs from scattering the garbage, will build some myself at Agalle

Town: Proper drainage system

Bertha Cardozo

Ward: Roads, drains and more dustbins to avoid overfilling of existing bins

Town: Garbage management, Traffic management and controlling stray dogs

Joseph D’Silva

Ward: Door to door garbage collection and regular clearing of dust bins

Town: Garbage management and proper drainage system

Carmina Socorro Rodrigues

Ward:More dust bins on the roads and drains

Town: Garbage management

Raju Budhaji Naik

Ward: Drains and footpaths and educating people in using dust bins

Town: Easing traffic congestion and rehabilitating kiosk owners displaced five years ago

Sadanand Naik

Ward: Roads, gutters, walking trek and sewerage connection to all households

Town: Garbage management and sewerage connection

Babita Sadanand Naik

Ward: Drains and roads

Town: Provide parking space

Gonzaco Luis Rebello

Ward: Garbage management particularly stopping Colva residents from dumping their garbage at Madel

Town: Parking and footpaths

Tito Florence Cardoso

Ward: Cleanliness by clearing garbage and overgrowth on the roadsides

Town: Commissioning the garbage management plant at Sonsddo

Bindiya Naik

Ward: Toilets for people and garbage management

Town: Parking place

Sushila Naik

Ward: Clearing garbage from roadside and regular emptying of bins

Town: Administration to be people friendly

Doris Joaquim Texeira

Ward: Regular garbage collection from bins, removal of cow shed that has even contaminated a well

Town: Garbage management and have a small pick up dedicated for keeping New Market clean

Rosy Pereira

Ward: Keep the market clean and tidy

Town: Cleanliness and parking space

Dayanand Deulkar

Ward: Door to door collection of garbage and connection to the sewerage system.

Town: Garbage management so that no garbage can be seen on roadside. Entire city should have underground power supply cables.

Dhananjay Mayekar

Ward: More garbage bins and placed at proper places, educate people on disposing garbage, clean roadsides

Town: Garbage management

Pratima Coutinho

Ward: Underground sewerage system and door to door garbage collection besides completion of the four lane highway.

Town: Commissioning the plant at Sonsddo particularly since it involves  6 crore expenditure

Avinash Vinay Shirodkar

Ward: Clearing the roadside of overgrowth and garbage and taking steps to stop the flooding of roads at Rawanfond area.

Town: Garbage management and easing traffic congestion

Laxmikant Kamat

Ward: Regular cleaning of roadside bins so that no garbage is accumulated

Town: Cannot think of anything at the moment

Sangeeta Audi

Ward: More bins to deal with garbage, more drains and covering them with slabs and setting up self help groups for women

Town: Garbage management
Damodar Shirodkar: Could not be contacted for his views.


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