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CM apologies for ‘Nigro’ word used in government document

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar on apologized for using the ‘Nigro’ word in one of the answers tabled on the floor of the House here after the alleged racist slur evoked strong reactions from the members.

“The word has two meanings. One is about a river in Amazon, and second is (in a) derogatory (sense). For that purpose, if someone is hurt, I apologize for that,” he told the Goa assembly.

The Chief Minister blamed a clerk in the police department for the mistake in the written reply on the issue of number of foreign nationals arrested in the state.

“The clerk in police department does not understand how serious the particular word is,” he said.

In the reply tabled on the floor of the House on Wednesday, Parrikar had referred to an African national arrested at Calangute village on May 8 this year using the racial slur.

Later, the CM sought to replace the word with “unknown person with dark complexion” after the reference drew flak in the House.

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