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CM converting Goa to ‘Parrikar Republic’: Congress

Taking a dig at the Chief Minister of Goa for his recent tirades and rifts with the Central Government, Congress Spokesperson Jitendra Deshprabhu stated that the Manohar Parrikar is keen on converting Goa into a ‘Parrikar Republic’.

Expressing that the CM is a contradiction personified on the matters of mining, Deshprabhu said his accusations against Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) is a illogical especially since in the draft of the Goa Mineral Policy he has a strong a focus of the mining dumps which have been lying for many years, which plays to the benefit of the mining lobby and that it what MoEF is trying to stop. So making accusations that the MoEF representatives are here to collect kickbacks is nothing more than a cover-up and to spread false knowledge on the issue of the mining dumps.

“The CM is promoting illegal mining through his focus on mining dumps. The mining policy is nothing more than a mining dump policy and from page sixteen of the draft policy the entire policy is focused on the dump,” elucidated Deshprabhu.

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