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CM has shamed Goa by blaming the rape victims and their parents: AAP

Panaji: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Thursday slammed the statement of Chief Minister Pramod Sawant in the Legislative Assembly where he blamed the minor victims of the Benaulim rape case.

Addressing a press conference, AAP leaders Cecille Rodriques, Adv Sushma Gaude and Durva Pednekar slammed the Chief Minister for his ‘barbaric and insensitive’ comments.

At the same time they also highlighted that none of the legislators sitting in the Assembly condemned the statements whether from the BJP or from the opposition. They questioned the silence of all members of the legislative Assembly on the issue.

“The CM is the Home Minister. It is a shame that the CM cannot even say a single thing against the rapists but can make statements blaming the victims! He should hang his head in shame,” AAP Leader Cecille Rodriques said.

“He is supporting the rapists by making these statements! As someone who has faced harassment myself I want to ask that if the CM himself makes such a statement, are we safe in Goa? Are Goan women safe?,” she asked.

“What does he mean by this statement? Who is responsible? Can he make such a statement? Is he giving permission to rapists?,” asked Adv Sushma Gaude.

“Why is the Govt putting the barriers on Goan girls? Goans never discriminate between boys and girls, just because we are out at night doesn’t mean that we are blamed when a crime is committed on us! Why is it that there is still victim blaming happening?,” she said.

“It’s with utter disgust that I hold my head in shame as we have a CM in our Goa who instead of charging and bringing to law the accused culprits blames the victims!,” AAP Goa Convenor Rahul Mhambre.

“I strongly condemn the statement made by Goa CM who holds the Home portfolio. If he is helpless he is unfit for the office,” he added.

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