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CM Ignores, Churchill Scores

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat apparently embarrassed by the fact that his own workers were protesting against him chose to ignore them thereby further angering the protestors gathered near the new library building inaugurated by him on Sunday at Navelim.
Newly elected councilor from Ward No. 16 Pratima Coutinho along with her  husband Savio Coutinho who is the ex-chairperson of Margao Municipal Council, led the protestors in a silent demonstration condemning the government for not giving jobs for locals at the library.

Savio pointed out that though the library was touted to be in Navelim assembly constituency, it physically lay within the limits of Ward No. 16 of Margao and therefore demanded that youngsters from the ward should be given to the locals.
While Digambar Kamat chose to ignore the protestors, PWD Minister representing the Navelim constituency, Churchill Alemao met them and agreed with their demand that locals should be given jobs there. In fact, he demanded that 50 per cent of the jobs at the library should be given to youth from Navelim village.
“At least Churchill had the decency to come and meet the protestors to find out their grievance, while Digambar chose to ignore them even though they are his voters,” exclaimed Pratima who is cutting her political teeth in quite a dramatic manner.
The Coutinho’s are itching to get back at the Chief Minister who worked against them at the recently concluded municipal council elections. The fact that Pratima won by the highest margin in the town despite the chief minister working against her, has given the Coutinho’s a strong hand to chart their own political path.
Not only did Digambar Kamat ignore the protestors, but he did not even make a mention of it in his address after inaugurating the library. He instead chose to elaborate on the government’s plans for the building the foundation stone of which was laid on the eve of the 2007 assembly elections.

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