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CM Knows Nothing

Ignorance, at times is said to be bliss particularly when it comes to some embarrassing issues. Chief Minister Digambar Kamat apparently has decided to adopt this adage as he claims to have no knowledge of certain issues that could be embarrassing to his government.
In the first place, even though it is fortnight since the Goa Bench of the Bombay High Court pronounced its order on the land allocation to SEZ promoters, Digambar Kamat claims to not know the details of the same as he has reportedly not yet read the order.

Granting that the order of the High Court is voluminous, it is quite unexpected of the chief minister not to have read it or got someone to brief him on the finer nuances of the order as ultimately if the order has to be appealed against, it is his nod that will be required.
Or is it that by claiming to have read the order as yet, Digambar Kamat is pre-empting the moves of former chief minister Pratapsing Rane and Luizinho Faleiro from approaching him to appeal against the order?
Given the fact that both these former chief ministers stand indicted of abetting the land grab under the garb of SEZ and embarrassment to them would be advantage to Digambar bab.
In the second case, rumours have been doing the rounds that Micky Pacheco has served an ultimatum on his party hierarchy that he should be able to celebrate his birthday on 12th December as a minister of the Government of Goa.
However, Digambar Kamat claimed to have no knowledge about this. He did concede that Micky had called him a few days ago to check if there were any instructions from Delhi and when informed in the negative urged Digambar not to object to any suggestions that may come from the national capital.
Sources disclosed that NCP President Sharad Pawar had called on the Congress President Sonia Gandhi to urge her to drop one of the NCP ministers in Goa and induct Micky instead. However, Sonia Gandhi has reportedly refused this idea and instead threatened to dissolve the assembly and go for mid-term polls rather than inducting Micky in the cabinet.
Digambar Kamat claims to have no knowledge absolutely about this political circus either probably because it does not pertain to his party.

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