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CM lashes at media for reporting on bogus Congress complaints

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has criticised the media for giving undue publicity to Congress leaders in the state who filed “bogus” complaints against his ministers. “The bogus people have filed bogus complaint (against the ministers). But the biggest tragedy is that anyone makes any allegations and they are printed by the press,” Parrikar stated.

Congress spokesman SudipTamankar had filed a complaint with the CBI alleging involvement of two BJP ministers, LaxmikantParsekar and DayanandMandrekar, in the drug peddlers-politician nexus case. The complaint which has made headlines, the chief minister said reflects on the conduct and credibility of media.

He said that the statement quoted by Tamankar was already investigated by Crime branch in 2009 and it was found to be bogus. Parrikar said that then State Home Minister Ravi Naik was banking on those complaints (now cited by Tamankar) to score the points over the BJP.

Ravi Naik was showing those documents in the assembly. But he realised that they were bogus. Would he have kept mum, if there was any substance in it?” asked Parrikar. The Congress party’s CBI complaint mentions that both the ministers need to be investigated for the role in drug peddling cases on state’s coastline.

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