CM launches Goa Miles Taxi-based mobile App

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Monday launched Goa’s first and exclusive mobile app based taxi service ‘Goa Miles’ at the Secretariat Complex.

Speaking at the launch, Parrikar said, “Goa can now take tourists for miles through the new app-based taxi service which will be affordable and give travelers a comfortable journey from the time they arrive till they leave. I congratulate Goa Tourism for launching this initiative and wish them a huge success.”

Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar said, “ The launch of the app based taxi service in Goa will bring a revolutionary change in the transportation system for all stakeholders including taxi drivers, tourists and locals. I am confident that tourist taxi drivers across Goa will join this digital system so that Goa does not lag behind other states where such systems are working successfully.”

Talking about the advantages of this initiative, Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) Chairman Nilesh Cabral said, “We have launched a public information campaign to reach out to one million people in Goa to create awareness about Goamiles. We are anticipating a huge response from the general public who will download and use the app for tourism purposes and daily commute as well. This app based taxi service aims to boost the digital economy, enable ease of travel for tourists and give taxi drivers better income. This initiative offers not only a brand new customer experience, but also makes taxi fare payment easy and secure.”

He explained that the app was one of the most quickest and convenient systems being implemented for the first time making Goan taxi drivers partners in the digital system while giving amazing customer experience to tourists.

Goamiles is managed by a local Goan company called Frotamiles Pvt Limited created as an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) as per the requirements of the tendering process. This SPV is a subsidiary of the parent company Pitasys Software Pvt. Ltd. who were the successful bidders for GTDC’s app based taxi service. Pitasys Software Pvt. Ltd. is in the transport automation business for the last seven years and has expertise in transport sector domains like mass transportation, fleet/taxi aggregation and employee transportation. Currently its registered passenger user base is more than 60,000.

With the launch of the new app based taxi service, tourists will find Goamiles to be very convenient and time saving as it would enable them to book, monitor and pay all through a single mobile app. Tracking would also be made easy as passengers would be able to track the location of the ride in real time as well as past and current bookings. Emphasis has been given on safety, as driver and vehicle details are shared with the passengers before boarding. There is also an in-built “PANIC” button in the app to ensure that the safety of passengers isn’t compromised.

Goamiles has made sure that this service also benefits the taxi drivers equally by not charging anything from their revenues, as against the popular trend elsewhere in India & world over. Taxi drivers will receive payment on a daily basis. The same mobile app can also be used for tax and insurance purposes and finding business nearest to the diver’s location thereby ensuring that every driver earns. Income report would be generated in the app itself. There will also be an equal distribution of business amongst local Goan drivers and they can earn more by serving more which will motivate them to work.

Chief Secretary of Goa, Dharmendra Sharma; Secretary for Tourism, Sheo Pratap Singh, Menino D’Souza, Director, Department of Tourism along with other dignitaries were also present on the occasion.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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  1. Its a good idea and initiative by Goa Government but not on the verge of life dependency of local Goan taxi drivers. First of all list out true Goan local taxi drivers who are associated with not the outsiders who have come across; settled and thereby owning 2 3 cars and renting out. This should be stopped first, by deploying a government body and providing true goans (since from the time of Portuguese era) a Green Card. Based on this card system, education, loans, Govt. jobs should be provided. Assigned Govt. jobs will not qualify for the other Government benefits such as tourism, social insurance etc.. etc… The time is come now Goa Government should come up with a law providing Goans first preferences or else we are nowhere nearby world to recognise Goa as next Uttar Pradesh!

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