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CM raises Special Status at NDC

Raising some hope on Special Status for Goa at a time when local Goans have been vehemently demanding this, Chief Minister of Goa Manohar Parrikar had brought up the issue of the need for Special Status for the state under Article 371 at the National Development Council of the Chief Ministers of all the states in country along with the Prime Minister of India.

Speaking at the NDC, Parrikar, stated, “Goa state has very small land mass. Land purchased by foreigners & big corporate houses is creating land crisis and prices have skyrocketed making it impossible for locals to buy the land, creating fear of loss of identity. We therefore demand special status by including Goa under the Protective Cover of Article 371.”

While the previous Congress government appeared to provide a lip-service on the issue, the BJP-led government has further its resolve to pursue the matter with the Centre in the interest of the people of the state.


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