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CM Revises Budget

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat on Thursday revised the budget to offer some more sops as he informed the Legislative Assembly that he had received several memorandums from a cross section of society.
In the first place, conceding to the demand made by dairy farmers, he announced a subsidy of Rs 2.50 per litre of milk produced with a upper limit for up to 100 litres of production per day. Besides, a new system of paying incentives to the farmers through Electronic Clearing System whereby the money would be directly credited to the farmers bank accounts was also announced.

An uniform subsidy of 75 per cent was also announced for dairy farmer purchasing equipment for their operations. With these incentives, the Chief Minister hoped that milk production would increase in Goa and dairy unions would reduce the prices of milk.
Admitting that the Union government’s proposal to levy a service tax on hotels charging Rs 1000 per day per room would affect the hotel industry, he revised the luxury tax rates on hotel room rents in order to support the local hotel industry.
Hotels charging Rs 300 per room per day are now exempted from Luxury tax while those charging between Rs 300 to Rs 2,000 will pay only 5 per cent tax. Hotels charging between Rs 2,000 to s. 5,000 per day per room will pay 8 per cent luxury tax while those charging more than Rs 5,000 per day will have to pay 10 per cent as luxury tax.
The Chief Minister also increased the library cess on liquor by 25 paise per bulk litre thereby making it Rs 1 per bulk litre. This increase, he said should help strengthen the library movement in the State.
The 1,755 nursing staff in government hospitals and 43 in ESI hospitals stand to benefit due to the hike in nursing and washing allowance. While the nursing allowance has been increased to Rs 3,200 per month from the existing Rs 1,600 per month, the washing allowance has been doubled to Rs 300 per month.

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